Our Mission

We exist to serve as a platform for voices of the LGBTQIA+ community by storytelling through a combination of live song and dance.

It is through these art forms that we aim to empower members of this community and facilitate larger conversations concerning visibility of those who often are not seen or acknowledged in mainstream art. 

Our Process

We are reaching out to the community to find people who want to share their stories with us. Once we have listened to eight storytellers, each story will be transformed into a song and set to choreography. Over the next year we will be working hard to finalize these pieces. They will be brought to life on stage in the summer of 2019. 

What We are working on

  • We recently premiered our first piece of work with Simantikos Dance Chicago on February 3rd. 
  • Our promotional video has been posted and is ready for your viewing pleasure here!
  • We are currently working on developing a larger body of work for a show set to premiere in June of 2019. 
  • Our Kickstarter campaign is launching May 1st.